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Dad's L110 engine smokes badly

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My dad bought an L110 back in 2004 from the big orange box store. He uses it for mowing his 1 acre property, and occassionally he mows a yard for a vacationing friend or someone in need. Like all of his motorized vehicles, he babies it fairly well, keeping it in the shop and checking the oil before every mowing.

This season, the Kohler 17.5 engine began smoking upon cranking and whenever the engine goes under strain. He has only 166 hours on it.

He talked to a repair shop (the nearest JD Dealer is nearly 60 miles from him) and they said it is probably a broken ring. He called the JD dealership to find out what the repair for such a malady would cost, and they told him a rebuild of the engine would run $650. That's 1/3 of what the tractor cost.

He's mad because he bought that tractor to step UP from the B&S engine of the L100.

I have seen mixed reactions to the Kohler Command series, and it looks like he's been bitten. :Disgus:

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"I'd get that head gasket checked out. "


"Broken ring? Probably not."

Agree again. That is generally a response from someone who doesn't know and doesn't want to admit he doesn't know what the problem is especially if the problem isn't going to involve him.

Some Kohler Commands had problems with the crankcase breather which caused smoking at start up. I thought they had resolved that by now. At any rate, I wouldn't take any desperate measures unless it is drinking oil or has other serious symptoms. While I am primarily a B&S person, the Kohler Command is generally a very good engine. The cheaper Kohler line, can't think of the name right off, is another thing.

Walt Conner
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