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Dad's Ford LGT 120 Hydro

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Hey guys,
I'm glad to have found your forum. Last August my father passed and his pride and joy became mine. I now have his LGT 120 and would like to begin to refurb' the little tractor back to what it should be. Dad found this tractor years ago and had been buying up parts tractors as he found them to repair and modify his. The task at hand now is to sort thru the boxes of parts to find out if I have it all and begin the project. My Dad had parted several mowers and I have no way to know if I have the proper engine and carb' set up. Does anyone out there know if I can cross reference this info from the serial number on the frame.
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Thanks, That's a good lookin' JD you have!
Thanks for the extra link! I can use all the help I can get.
A 125 you say? Knowing that Dad was a hot rodder at heart he may have well graphed the hydro under the 120, or he may have liked the 120 hood better. I'll get my number and post 'em. I'd be nice to know just what he's put together.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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