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DA 916 48" deck issues.

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Well going to keep this easy.... Picture below..... How do you make this happen? I can get one side off bit not the other.

I've already jabbered the top pulley, ordering another. But I still can't disassemble. Any ideas? Coil spring Suspension
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One other method I found on the web was to apply the heat to one side of the pulley and on the other side rub the was from a candle. As the wax melts it wicks down around the shaft as it moves towards the heat and will lubricate it making it easier to remove.
I have only had to do this once as heat followed by quenching has always worked for me in the past but I had a pulley on a hydro pump that would not come off for anything until I used the candle method.
Yup I keep a bit of bees wax around to remove stubborn stuff.

:sidelaugh Helps I have the wax makers on the property too.
We have been thinking of setting up a hive or two.
Have you seen the new hives with the automatic drains for the honey?
Kind of pricey but very nice and a lot less work.

I was ready to cut the pulley right off the shaft when I read about the wax trick. It worked but I did have to do a lot of hammering. I did not want to put on too much heat and destroy the o-rings and oil seals in the hydrop pump.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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