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D170 oil leak

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I just got a D170 with the 26hp motor, Kohler motor? Not sure, anyway
Mows great, but has an oil leak that i noticed today. Oil dripping from a bolt just in front of the starter. Remote site and didnt have tools to pull covers off and look. Any common leaks on these motors?
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Not terribly common. Under warranty? Fairly easy fix.
Not under warranty, just curious what is under the covers etc.. Assuming a gasket leak of some sort?
Welcome to another Texas member. :MTF_wel2: It sounds like your first step is to get some tools. This will allow further investigation into the problem. A few more helpful tips.
1. Obtain the engine service manual for parts listings and Torque values.
2. Take LOTS of pictures of things BEFORE disassembly.

Welcome from another Texas member.
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According to the JD site, it looks like you have a B&S Twin. They have an upper and lower case with a gasket in between. You can look at this thread for some views of the engine.

Depending on the amount thats leaking, it may not be worth the effort to pull it apart and fix it. It's a one day job and costs ~$6 for the gasket.

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Thanks for the info. I will tear into it and check where its coming from this coming weekend. Headed to San Antonio for the work week/

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