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I have a D130 at 95hrs. started having issues with the drivetrain. It would run great for 10-15 min then would lose all power at the transmission (not engine, she runs great) I would then wait 30min or so and jump back on and its back to normal for that 10-15 min again. I heard it could be overheating. anyways i replaced the belts/idlers amd still had issues with it. I starting reading that these hydrostatic transmissions are notoriously bad for this and people change the oil. Took the transmission off, opened her up. the oil was really bad! lors of sludge. so cleaned it all up and ready to go back on.

Im wondering if i should do the recommended 20w50 or why not just go with true gear oil lile 75w140?

I also live in canada, in very cold climate if that matters.

Also what temperatures does it reach? need to decide on what heat rated gasket to put.

thanks everyone
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