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Howdy folks,
I am thinking that in the future I will need to be purchasing a CUT with backhoe at a minimum for some work I have to do at my 28-acre farm. Namely: pulling out hundreds of invasive Russian Olive trees, digging thousands of feet of trench to accommodate drip lines, and digging the foundation of two greenhouses at a minimum.
With all that in mind I am wondering if anyone out there has any experience with dedicated trencher/backhoes I see on, you know, units made by DitchWitch, Vermeer, and Terrimite. That way, I could have a dedicated trencher/backhoe/tree puller and eventually a CUT with a clear PTO not occupied by a backhoe. Plus these units look like they would fit well in my orchards and vineyards, which can get a little tight...

Any dedicated trencher input greatly appreciated!!!
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