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Custom Cub 72

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Hello all, first post on this site.

My goal is to create a vehicle to pull our 9000 Lb pulling tractor around the pits. This vehicle would be almost identical to the larger tractor just scaled down (have the same tins, roll cage, paint, etc). My first thought was to build one from scratch, but then I remembered we had an old cub cadet sitting out back. Went and checked it out briefly today, It is a 72 model tractor.

The cub is far from being in a running/driving condition. Beyond that I doubt a 7 HP engine is going to pull 9000 Lbs anyways.

How much horsepower do you think will be required to pull the larger tractor?
How large of an engine will the transmission/rearend hold up to? I work at a lawnmower mfg facility and I can get my hands on engines from 20HP up to 37 or 38 HP Big Blocks (I've read of frame cracking issues on the 70-100 models so I plan to beef up the frame section.

The problem with the engines I can get is they are all vertical shafts, I was thinking about running a 90 degree angle gearbox and then a driveshaft to the transmission. I haven't really looked at the driveline of the cub cadet yet to see if this is feasible.

Hope I don't upset to many people with the idea of chopping/welding/retrofitting/painting an old cub. In my defense it will be modeled after an IH 806 built in 67 or 68, so at least there the same age from the same family.

Any suggestions/hints/tips/honest criticism is appreciated.

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The horsepower isn't really a concern.

Borrow a tractor that weighs as much as what think your finished 72 will weigh, try to tug your pulling tractor.

If the pulling tractor is too hard to move, 37hp in too light of a tractor will never do the job.

Cub used a 90 degree box in the 1204 drive train. Surely it could be adapted.
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Thanks for the tip. I tried pulling it once with our 600 lb 4-wheeler and it did move it but not very well, this was also on gravel though. Im pretty confident our mule would pull it and it weighs around 1000 I think. How much weight can you add to these cubs before the driveline is at risk? Is a 1300-1500 Lb cub (with operator) to heavy?

I do plan to weld on a weight bracket to haul around a couple 50 and 100 Lb IH weights for the ability to move weight on the tractor at the starting line if needed.
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