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Cushman Police Cart "CUSH1" Restoration Complete!

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Cushman Police Cart Restoration Complete!

Finally finished my winter project! This is a 1994 3-wheel Cushman Police ATM Cart (Haulster). First project in over 4 years. Not quite a tractor, but figured some of you might enjoy seeing this cart come back to life. It's a survivor and I was able to purchase this cart, as well as a 4 wheel electric Maxim UTV cart for a great deal. Initially, I made the trek out to the mountains in MD for just an electric cart, but found that the seller had a yard full of these. After doing some digging, I found that this cart started its life in New York City, as an NYPD cart, before being leased to a Hospital Center in Washington D.C.

Parts weren't terribly hard to locate. Identifying the engine first helped me in locating the right manuals. Cushman offered 2 engine options for this model year. The Suzuki 660, and the beefier Daihatsu 327 Liquid Cooled Engine. My cart has the 327 and also has cab heat. For manuals etc.. contact Jacobsen/Textron directly, not Cushman. Certain parts are interchangeable.

I changed all of the fluids and dropped the tank. New plugs, fuel sender, belts, trans lines, fuel lines, filters, bulbs, indicators, thermostat, ignition, and miles of new wire. Also purchased new tires (Costco surprisingly had the best quality and deal with free 2 day shipping). Had a little bit of fun with the rear and built a custom wood bed. Decided not to use the blue job box that came with the cart, but re-mounted the inspection panel in the bed. My brother did a great job staining the bed, as well as the stereo work and sourcing a lot of the accessories.. My friend Justin helped out quite a bit with the electrical, stereo and engine hiccups. They're both pictured below hard at work! I used Olympic Stain, and Rustoleum brush-on paint for a better part of the body. This cart is not going to be a garage queen, and I didn't go nuts on the body work, so splurging on paint didn't seem practical.

Apart from the body work, most of the time, effort, and trouble shooting was in correcting the wiring. I encountered "burnt spaghetti" when I popped the dash to look over the wiring. There had been an electrical fire, bad grounds, and loose connections.

I added:

Kenwood stereo w/ overhead speakers and marine enclosure
12V accessory
Alpena markers
Autopal euro style headlights
Plate lights (front and rear)
Button style moto lights on the sides
Fan (of course!)
Bright LED flood in the rear
LED overhead lamp, and floorboard running lights in the cab
Me and my brother wet sanded and polished the amber wheelen lightbar
"CUSH1" plate designed at
"McKenna" plate designed at
"Farm Use" plate designed at

This was a lot of fun. Hope you guys enjoy, been itching to share! Now if I could only find a way to attach a mower! Hmmmmmm :fing32:


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Lookin' good!!!
Very nice! Probably finding one with a good frame from NY is rare around there. My similar Cushman has the old OMC 2 cylinder and the fat tires but does have the hydraulic dump bed. Just curious as to how your steering box is? Mine seems to be slipping in the gear reduction box and I'll have to take it apart sometime and see if it needs bushings, bearings or gears.
This was allot of fun!!!!! Turned out awesome :)
Beautiful restoration!
That is one cool little buggy. :thThumbsU

Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

That's soooo cool!!! Would be fun to have something like that
Love it. Great job! :thThumbsU
Very, very nice!!
Very nice restoration. I've always had a soft spot for Cushmans. Cool little trucks.
That is so cool! Glad you gave it a new lease on life :)
I've been looking forward to this, and you did not disappoint! Great job, I really like the color scheme, and the bed is a work of art!

very cool little vehicle, nicely done !
I like those Cushmans!...always wanted one like those,but the few chances I had to get one didn't pan at an auction started off at 50 bucks,and sold for 1200!..and it was in about the same condition as yours did a great job restoring those!..

A friend of mine ended up with a 3 wheeled Dihatsu pickup truck similar to your Cushmans,it was a meter maid's truck in the small town he lived in for years--a guy he knew found it rusting behind the impound yard at the police station,and did some dickering and bought it--then gave it to my friend to get running--but the engine was bound up tight and had many parts missing..his son decided to "gut" the engine ,he took out the piston & rod ,so he could put a Briggs engine in front of the original engine and still use the transmission,which was built into the original engine's crank case...he used a pulley and V-belt to spin the old engine with the Briggs..

My friend passed away in 2007,sadly that Dihatsu and most of his tractors and other stuff was all sold for scrap,only a few things his sons wanted didn't get sent to the scrapyard...:(

When I was a kid,I used to hang around at the corner gas station a lot after school--they somehow ended up with a very cool old Vespa 3 wheeled pickup truck,that had a cab that looked like a helicoptor and it had the same handlebars as a Vespa scooter..they used to let me drive it around the back lot..the engine was under the bench seat,and I remember to put it in reverse you had to flip a lever on the side of the seat..I think it had 4 speeds and the shifter was on the handlebars like a twist grip throttle,so was the clutch,much like a bicycle brake lever is..
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Very cool. You guys did a great job :thThumbsU
Many years ago I drove several Cushmans for a time. They are fun to drive and you will find many uses for it. Good job restoring it! :thThumbsU
Nice job making the Cushman look like new again!
Very nice restoration of that Cushman. They used them at the college I went to for all campus maintenence.
Been having a lot of fun with this little cart over the course of a year. Thank you all for the kind words!! It was a really enjoyable build!! :fing32:
love your cushman, I have been looking for one for myself but havent found one just yet. By any chance would you know if the gentleman in md you bought yours off of still has any for sale?
photo bucket sure messed up a lot of good picture viewing,,,

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