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Cub Lo-Boy

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This past weekend I saw a Lo-boy in the corner of a guys yard that I would like to try and buy. The paint looked alright and it did have the deck. Other than that I couldn't tell much about it. Say the engine did run and it needed minor work, how much would a fair offer be? And what if it did not run?
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I personally HATE them for mowing if you are talking the 154-185 loboys, but they are some of the neatest looking tractors and prices are high because a lot of people will pay too much for what they think they are. I will just give a guess and $500-800 not running, $750-1000 running. The always broken fiberglass front grille shell is about $300 reproduction, the 3 speed transmission is great in a garden tractor, weakish and troubleprone in a CUT size. The shaft bearings are prone to go bad, the rear pto is expensive, and it is prone to wear out the front axle pivot. Rear 3 points are very desirable and expensive,
I saved the hydraulics, gas tank and some sheetmetal from the one I parted because no one will buy them, even priced $20 on ebay.
I hate it for mowing because 2nd is way too slow and 3rd is way too fast. There are any number of hydros with 60" decks that will mow circles around them and drink half the gas.
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