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Cub Cadet Sun Shade

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I bought a sun shade for my XT2 a couple of years ago and I finally got tired of listening to it squeak and rattle. Decided I'd tighten up the nuts on the mounting plates on the frame. Three had stripped the threads and I couldn't tighten or loosen 'em, and the fourth one had seared off. Ordered two new plates ( because the bolts are welded to them ), four washers, and four flange nuts.
Was tightening the last bolt/nut and the bolt broke. Now, I'm 84 years old, not much stronger'n a kitten. Needless to say I was a tad ticked off. My young neighbor had helped me get the old brackets off, and he ground the bolts out of them. I thought about them when I went to bed that night after new bolt sheared.
Next day I went to Lowes and bought four stainless steel 1/4 - 20- X 1" bolts,four lock washers, and four nuts. Smoothed out the holes on the plate and put the new bolts through the plate and frame, then washer,nut on the bolt. THEN I put a second nut over the first one.
The frame seems more solid than when it was new. If / when the other side bolts break, I now know what to do.
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Sadly you are probably the victim of cheap Oriental hardware.
Yup some Chinese fastners have the tensile strength of beer cans. Good on you for coming up with the better than original repair.
Good fix. The shame of it is that folks shouldn't have to come up with "good fixes" on new parts!
And here I thought he was just going to mow at night!! :sidelaugh

Nice fix!
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