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Cub Cadet sc 2400 will not start

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Help! I just bought a new Cub Cadet 2400 and after eight hours it will not start all I get is a click, click, click,click, sound. This new machine did the same thing yesterday and we messed with the key and the brake and it finally kicked over. Today it is just clicking and stuck out on the job site! Needless to say this old Marine is not happy with my new expensive baby stuck out in the rain! I was wondering if anyone here had a suggestion on how to get it started so I can get it where it belongs?
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If it clicks it sounds like it is getting power to the starter. I would take a look at the battery terminals and clean them and try again. I suspect that maybe the baby has a bit of corrosion on the terminals. If it still clicks then I suspect that the battery might be dead.

If that fails then a call to the dealer and have them fix it and tell them that at 8 hours that is not acceptable.
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