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Cub Cadet sc 2400 will not start

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Help! I just bought a new Cub Cadet 2400 and after eight hours it will not start all I get is a click, click, click,click, sound. This new machine did the same thing yesterday and we messed with the key and the brake and it finally kicked over. Today it is just clicking and stuck out on the job site! Needless to say this old Marine is not happy with my new expensive baby stuck out in the rain! I was wondering if anyone here had a suggestion on how to get it started so I can get it where it belongs?
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If it clicks it sounds like it is getting power to the starter. I would take a look at the battery terminals and clean them and try again. I suspect that maybe the baby has a bit of corrosion on the terminals. If it still clicks then I suspect that the battery might be dead.

If that fails then a call to the dealer and have them fix it and tell them that at 8 hours that is not acceptable.
Make sure it's centered in neutral and PTO isn't engaged. slkpk
Michael & slkpk Thank you for the help. We were in the middle of a landscaping job moving our Hawaiian black volcanic cinders around so we have the bucket half full and had to do a shut down. We had a similar problem yesterday and it finally started after jiggling the brake and the key. It is starting to get dark now and I am an older guy so I think I will just let it sit and be at the dealers when they open up in the morning. slkpk I noticed your USMC I was with the 1st At. Bn. in country Vietnam 1966-1967 Semper Fi!
in country Vietnam 1966-1967
As you can see from slkpk's photo he was stationed somewhere above the arctic circle during the cold war so you may need to explain volcanic ash to him and for me too! :sidelaugh

I posted a possible solution on your other thread - check it out.

I hope you get your problem straightened out so that you can enjoy your new tractor. I can't bear the thought of you stranded outside in that terrible weather you get over there. Perhaps you'd consider trading some of that nasty weather you have to put up with to slkpk and me for some of our beautiful mid-western winter weather..... I'm sure he'd go along on a deal like that.

Aloha Jnelson, I live on the Big Island at about 1,100 ft. elevation since I moved here to Mountain View in April the temperatures have been between 83 (high day)and 61(at night) the homes here have no heaters and my greenhouses have no heaters or fans the sides are screen to keep the pests out and the roofs are poly. The black volcanic cinder comes from the Kalapana area where fresh lava flows to the sea through vent tubes some eight miles long. I just flew here in March from Seattle and got a good deal on a small greenhouse complex and home.Thank you for the help with my new baby tractor I called the dealer first thing this morning and they just called back and said the mechanic is on the way.

I hope that you have a solution to your problem soon so that you can enjoy your new tractor. Nothing is worse than wondering if it will start when you hit the key. Let us know what you learn.

I noticed that you didn't take me up on the offer to trade some of your terrible climate conditions for ours. While I can't speak for slkpk I can tell you that I am very disappointed. We mid-westerners are very generous people and happy to share our sleet, snow, hail, and freezing rain with anybody. We realize how depressing constant warm weather and island breezes can be and I can picture you out in those conditions dreaming of snow drifts and icicles. Should you change your mind I would be happy to let you plow my 600' drive some winter morning when it gets drifted in. I'd even be willing to let you clear the path to our outdoor wood burning furnace and haul a load of wood down from our woods for it. Don't accept a similar offer from slkpk without checking back with me - I'm sure I can find some more I can add to sweeten the deal (like using the snow rake to pull drifted snow off the roof of the house - fun!). :thThumbsU

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aloha jnelson, LOL! One of the main reasons I decided to buy a home here in Hawaii was to avoid scraping ice off my windshield too many months out of the year. I spent most of my life in the Pacific Northwest on the west side of the Cascade Mountains and here in Hawaii it is like summer every day but we get much more rain here in Mountain View than in Western Washington. The dealership sent two mechanics over to fix my little tractor and replaced some relays that were not working correctly and they called and will be bringing it back this morning. The nice thing about the Big Island is we have two International Airports one down the mountain in Hilo and one over the mountains in Kona on the dry side of this big beautiful island. When I first arrived here my local friends took me to the top of Mona Kea and you go from sea level in Hilo to 14,000 feet of elevation in a little over an hour and the view from the top is amazing but the air is real thin! During the winter months they do get snow on top of the two mountains here.
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All I'm saying is when you get tired of the nice weather and beautiful views keep me in mind and come enjoy some 10 degree weather with blowing snow and 10 foot visibility!

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