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I am looking for detailed information about the dual gas tank set up for Cub Cadet Pro Z 700 / 760 mowers. I imagine this setup is similar to other Cub Cadet with dual gas tanks.

I seem to have some issues in that the one tank doe not seem to be getting pulled from all the time. That is, one tank is draining and the machine stalls because of lack of fuel, but the other tank still has fuel. I thought these tanks were supposed to balance them selves out, if both valves are open ?

I am looking for all the details I can possibly get on these setups, including diagrams, paragraphs, videos, etc, but I haven't been able to find very much, and certainly no one on you tube giving any sort of dual gas tank tutorials.

Any help here is greatly appreciated. My mower is also ( a new issue which developed yesterday ) is seemingly being starved of fuel intermittently, even when there is gas in both tanks. It seems ok for a bit, and then starts bogging, almost to the point of stalling. My first attack is to understand the fuel balance and fuel supply system completely, and then clean and replace all the needed parts / tanks / lines, and then see what happens after that.

Thanks for all the input, and direction. ( even if the direction is that I'm posting in the wrong place.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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