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Cub Cadet Model 70

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I found two cub cadet lawn tractors, the one I'm looking at right now is a "70" I believe it a early 60's model. I do custom paint work on bike and cars and love old stuff. I own a 70's style motorcycle and a 64' Impala the old lawn mower would look good in the driveway. Here my question, the model 70 need rings put in the motor. I can get it for $100.00, Then it will be a mild restoration to get it like new. Is this thing worth the money to put this kind of time into? Thanks
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Kinner I bought my first CC 70 off ebay, sight unseen about 2 years ago. It ran well, but was missing some cosmetic parts which I ended up fabricating. I do paint & bodywork (25 year hobby) and have a 70 Chevelle. The tractors are much less expensive to work on, and also easier. I had my first 70 broke down, stripped, painted & back together in a little over a month. If the rear end is in good shape (which it should be) and the motor is good or rebuildable, go for it. I have another 70 in my shop waiting for some attention that I got for $100. If your doing it for enjoyment and not a business don't worry about it. You won't have that much in it. My first 70 I had just under $400 total ($150 for the intial purchase). It still needed decals & rear tires, so figure another $200 give or take.
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