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Cub Cadet Model 70

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I found two cub cadet lawn tractors, the one I'm looking at right now is a "70" I believe it a early 60's model. I do custom paint work on bike and cars and love old stuff. I own a 70's style motorcycle and a 64' Impala the old lawn mower would look good in the driveway. Here my question, the model 70 need rings put in the motor. I can get it for $100.00, Then it will be a mild restoration to get it like new. Is this thing worth the money to put this kind of time into? Thanks
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I can get it for $100.00, Then it will be a mild restoration to get it like new.
I'd definitely go for it! Welcome to MTF. Others will chime in shortly.
Kinner I bought my first CC 70 off ebay, sight unseen about 2 years ago. It ran well, but was missing some cosmetic parts which I ended up fabricating. I do paint & bodywork (25 year hobby) and have a 70 Chevelle. The tractors are much less expensive to work on, and also easier. I had my first 70 broke down, stripped, painted & back together in a little over a month. If the rear end is in good shape (which it should be) and the motor is good or rebuildable, go for it. I have another 70 in my shop waiting for some attention that I got for $100. If your doing it for enjoyment and not a business don't worry about it. You won't have that much in it. My first 70 I had just under $400 total ($150 for the intial purchase). It still needed decals & rear tires, so figure another $200 give or take.
Is this thing worth the money to put this kind of time into?

If you want it, it is.
I don't know kinner... The 70's are really great little tractors, and highly sought after by people who are starting a Cub Cadet collection.

Depending on what kind of motor work needs to be done to it, you could wind up five or six hundred dollars in it. That's not bad considering it will last 40 plus years.

The problem with it is, after you restore a 70, you will want a 100, then a 122, then you'll want a hydro or a Wide Frame... First thing you know you will need a new pole barn to put them in and restore them.

The next thing you know you'll be wanting to take them to shows and plow days events, so you'll need a trailer big enough to haul them all, then you'll want a new motor home to stay the weekend in and pull the trailer.

Before you know it that little 70 will have cost you a couple hundred thousand dollars and even for 40+ years of faithful service, thats still pretty expensive.

Once the Cub bug bites you... There is no turning back!
The 70 is my favorite model, and they are scarce here in FL. I would buy every one I could find at $100 a pop. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!
Funny thing is this same guy has got a 100 sitting right next to it I can get for 300. I think its time to make an investment.
SEE I TOLD YOU! It's happening and you haven't even started yet!
The 70 is a great tractor. Mine is all original except for the engine. Original my FIL ran out of oil and it went out with a bang! It does have a 7hp in it though that was from an IH dealer. There isn't much mine won't do and I don't even have wheel weights yet. The 100 would be nice to have the extra oommpfff some times but I don't' run the mower hardley ever. For 100 go for it. They are super simple and nut much to go wrong on them.

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