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Cub Cadet LTX 1046 VT

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I joined this site after I bought my new Cub, that was in 2009 under a different name. So here is my review after 13 years.
This machine has gone way past my expectations in so many ways I’m not sure where to start.
1) the first problem I encountered was the bearings in the front tires or lack there of. Bushings?!?! I ordered new rims (from 125 CC built in 1969) and installed real bearings. I also had to length in the front axles by an inch and a quarter to accommodate the new rims.
2) the tractor 🚜 wouldn’t go after putting on the brake. I actually loaded the tractor on the truck to take to the scrapyard and decided to look at it before I threw it away. Three cents worth of grease fix the problem the disc brake would lock up due to no lubrication.
3) I changed the oil, fuel filter, fixed the steering last year. Put new front tires and rims this year. And a battery here and there.
4) every 3-4 years I’d take the deck off for a full restore. Once I put on new spindles.
So after 13 years of service I haven’t had many problems at all, in fact I am quite pleased with my purchase, made 10fold the price I paid for the machine and will keep it as long as I can.
I still have my 125 from 1969, a 110 from ‘65 and another one I’m giving away soon.
Thanks for reading!!
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