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Cub Cadet LT1045 Hour meter

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Is there a way to reset the hours meter on the dash. I have a 2007 Cub Cadet that reads 93 hours on it. I haven't paid much attention to it before, but I find it hard to believe that I only have 93 hour of run time on it after 12 years. It takes a good hour to mow the lawn and I have used it for a significant amount of other stuff like yard work and hauling stuff in the trailer where I many times leave it idling between uses.

I figure I must have reset the meter at some point accidentally, but I am not sure how. I assume swapping out batteries doesn't reset it.

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In short, no. It is a simple count-up timer with no easy way to reset. Much like the odometer in your vehicle, only much cheaper. What you've likely done is turned the hour meter over a few times since it only has 4 digits. 999.9 hours is only 42 straight days. 12 years is 4,380 hours.
Welll, no, I doubt I have a thousand hours. Just like I doubt I only have 93. So, I don't think it has rolled over. I feel it should be somewhere between the two. 93-999

Or is it real common to roll it over?
Well, I certainly would not set a clock with them as they are not accurate much. Do you know if all the digits are working? It's 93 point something? Do the numbers change as you use it?
Just mowing your grass for around an hour per week still gives you over 340 hours for the 12 years, plus you also use it for other unspecified. So, yeah I could see that turning over.
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Since PepperPikker is in Wi. I doubt he he mows much more than 5 months per year.

I'm in Northern Mi., and 5 months is tops for me. I mow a bit....4 hours per week= 16 hours per month=80 hours per year.
My K46CA just peetered out at 370 hours on my 2013 LTX1042KW. Seems like a short period of time to have to throw away a mower that looks like its a year old at best. I blow off, wipe down, blow out the Tuff Torq unit after every use.
Need to replace it but the new XT1 and XT2 models have the same crappy drive unit in them, as far as my research reveals.
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Yep, our mowing season is not that long and during dry years I don't mow much at all. I remember one summer where I don't think I mowed more than a half dozen times. Anyway, I just never have paid much attention to it, but I did a mowing deck rebuild on it this week and was wondering how many hours I got out of the original. When I saw 93.4 hours, I thought, UMMMM, NO WAY. I think it reset some how. I did notice it tick up a tenth of an hour the last time I was on it, so I know it isn't stuck on 93.
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