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Cub Cadet Lt-1018

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I bought this at Lowes back in 03. On another forum I was told they had run out of the 18HP with single lung and had installed the els v-twins at the same price so I ran out started flipping hoods until I found one with a v-twin and bought it.
The deck on these MTD cub cadets are cheap and shallow. I leveled that deck but no matter what I did I always got blow out on the right hand side and it would end up on the top of the deck in piles at the end of the day. I tried new blades tried to pitch it different but to no avail. Then I bought a set of gator blades and the problem was solved "no more blow out. The problem I concluded was the multi pourpose blade they use because once removed it worked fine. The other problem is the air cleaner set up that has been documented with dirt getting in the carbs and killing these motors. Its that clamp snap on type thing that sits on top of the motor.

Now at 180 hours everything works fine I just hope it will last another five years and I would be happy.
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I have the 18.5 horse version and it runs well. Bought it in 2004. I have 330 hours on mine and other than a valve adjustment and a couple of tie rod ends I can't complain one bit about the tractor itself.

The deck is alittle cheap like you mentioned. Being this is a non timed deck it has a habit of leaving a strip if the blades aren't super sharp. A couple of the wheel brackets were bent up alittle too (I have a rough yard) those brackets shouldn't have bent like that as easily as they did. Some 1/4" angle iron and welder fixed that problem.

Other than that I would say the machine was a decent purchase. Its still going strong 10 years later (knocks on wood)
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