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Cub cadet info

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Gidday fellas , i have a cadet that i need to get info on so any help appreciated. Model number is 147640100 and it has a pto in the front. Couple of questions, what year was it made and what is the model? Also can the pto be used for anything else ,or is it purely just for the cutting deck.

Thanks again.. Darryl. Sorry for the photo , but tractor is out on my property so this is the only photo i have at the moment.

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By the numbers you posted it appears to be a model 1806 catalog number 147-640-100 if you can get the serial number which is usually located on the left frame just above the foot rest and you can go to cub and they can tell you when it was built and on the mower deck should have a sticker with the model number on it also. The site has almost all the parts breakdowns with part numbers. Beware Cub Cadet has discontinued a lot of the older tractor and mower parts. Hope this helps!
Have a Great Day!
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The front PTO will drive a snow thrower as well as the mower deck, and I think there is a rear mounted tiller you can get that the front PTO will run too, with a really long belt!

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