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Cub Cadet i1042; knocked deck off, hasn't started since.

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Hi all,

Went through a few different sources to try to get this thing going but here's the deal:

Was cutting the grass, mid-season, and knocked half the deck off when I struck a tree. I didn't notice the difference until I turned around leaving a nice groove in the yard. Hopped off the mower to get the deck back on. Put deck back on. Tried to start mower. No go. Starter engages, it spins but never sounds like it's going to turn over. Replaced the spark plug, the fuel filter, fuel pump and seat safety. Still no luck.
I'm wondering if there is some sort of safety switch that is not labeled or advertised to prevent any average joe from completing the fix?

Thanks in advance for your time.
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The pto switch would prevent it from cranking.
If you knocked the wires off of the reverse switch it should still run it just would not turn off or disengage the PTO in reverse.
Check for spark but I'm betting it's good.
Try a squirt of gas in the carb intake to see if it runs.
Check carb solenoid to see if it opens.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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