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Hey guys,

I noticed that there aren’t too many in depth reviews of the Cub Cadet GX54, I also noticed that it’s the natural competitor of the Husqvarna Garden Tractor series. I want to make an apples to slightly different apples comparison of the two and hopefully that will help someone make an informed decision. Full disclaimer I ended up keeping the GX but I would have been happy with either model. Unfortunately the Husqvarna I had was a used model with some skeletons in the closet, you can read my other posts if you’re curious about the details. Overall I prefer the look of the Husqvarna, but I must admit the Cub Cadet just seems like it’s higher quality.

Things that I prefer about the Husqvarna

Obviously the transmission. The K66 is simply a better transmission than the K62. I don’t think it will make a difference regarding my needs, but there is no arguing which is better.

The 23” tires vs 22”. The surface area alone should help with increased traction when it comes to using ground engaging implements. Also, there’s a huge market for used tires and wheels that fit the Husqvarna, the 5 bolt pattern fits craftsman and John Deere mowers going back decades. The Cub on the other hand has that weird 4 bolt pattern.

12V outlet. Granted this is very easily fixed by simply adding one (which I plan on doing soon), but it’s a nice touch that’s missing on the CC. I use it to run a Schumacher fan when the temp goes above 80 and I gotta say there’s no going back after using it.

The seat is way better on the Husqvarna. The model I owned had the short back seat and that one is more or less the same comfort as the CC, but the model on the current TS series is amazing. I haven’t mowed in it but I did try it on for size at the store.

Lastly the fuel tank is in a better spot, and it has a higher capacity in the Husqvarna

What I prefer about the Cub

The strength of the frame is noticeable. I could feel the frame flex on the Husqvarna, I have very uneven terrain and I’m sure that would have taken its toll eventually. Johnny bucket arguments aside, you can feel the higher quality of the frame when you ride the cub.

Steering- I’ve read dozens of posts from people claiming that certain models feel like they have power steering. The steering on the Cub is AMAZING. I don’t know if it’s because of the bearing instead of bushings but it’s a night and day difference.

The fabricated mowing deck actually fits on the cub. There’s a free range of motion all the way up to 4”, you can move the deck up and down with two fingers. the Husqvarna would barely go up to 3.5” and it would hit the bottom of the tractor, it was also more difficult to move. It’s also much easier to remove the deck on the cub in case you want to do garden tractor work.

The brush guard is easily removed with 2 pins. I don’t plan on attaching anything to the front but I can see how that can be useful.

The engine. This is somewhat of a difficult comparison since Husqvarna has used pretty much every engine under the sun in their garden tractors. The GT48XLSI has a B&S endurance series that from what I can tell was an electrical nightmare. As soon as I typed it into google dozens of results for electrical problems popped up. The Husqvarna TS sold at Lowe’s has a 25HP Kohler which is a huge improvement in my opinion. With that said, the GX comes with an amazing 26HP Kohler KT745. A one horsepower difference is negligible and unfortunately they don’t put torque ratings on these engines, but I like to believe that the extra size of the engine is pretty impactful. There’s no replacement for displacement! This model has a 747CC engine and it is very responsive.

The fast attach system for things like a sprayer, rack, spreader, even the sleeve hitch slides right on to the preinstalled studs on the back.

And for extra credit! The new Cubs come with the Fast Attach blades on their decks. Whether that’s a pro and a con is up to the individual buyer, no tools necessary, just push up on the blade, twist, and slide out. Personally I would have preferred the normal blades, they’re way cheaper, readily available, and there’s a huge variety of them. I have a pretty well stocked garage so changing mower blades the old fashion way every few months was not a big deal to me.


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Thanks for the reviews. Definitely pros and cons with both machines. The rear tire size on the Cub can easily be changed. ATV tires are readily available and have great traction.
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