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Cub Cadet GSC 2130 Battery quest

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I went to look at a 1997 Cub Cadet 2130 today but it had no battery. There was one in the garage that looked as if it would fit in the space in front of the firewall but it was a little motorcycle battery. I am stumped by this. It was bought and owned by one old guy who recently died. He mowed the lawn last year and put the mower away. It has just under 700 hours on it and I can take it away for $500 - or less. I couldn't start it so the guy there told me he would be at the house tomorrow if I wanted it. Bagger and a dump trailer come with it.

Big build up to my question, right?

What class of battery does it use? Internet search points me here.
It still makes no sense to me.

Here is a pic I took of the battery sitting on the mower deck.


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Most any battery for a lawn & garden tractor should work as long as the pos. & neg. post orientation is correct for the cables. You really need to see and hear it run as parts for some of the older single cylinder Kohler Commands are getting harder to find plus some parts are nla; at least that's what I've run into with the single cyl. 16 h.p. Command in my '03 2166. Good luck.
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The AGS versions are prone to clutch wear. I wouldn't pay more than about $200 for everything with it showing 700 hours.

If it was an HDS hydrostatic transmission then it's worth more but still, 700 hours is getting up there.
Thanks for the heads up.
Me and Lady Deskrider decided not to chomp at the bit one this one as it is questionable. I would rather spend the money for the Eaton transmission from Ohio. I know I can part out the 175 if I need to. The Kaw engine purrs like a kitten and worth a lot to some folks in need of one. Parts can be had from Kawasaki.

As for batteries...I showed up with a standard mower battery and there was no place for it. That was one of the reasons I asked about it. Apparently, the AGS models take a different battery. I'm not spending $50 on a battery just to start up a mower I would likely not buy.

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