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Hey Cub Cadet Gang,

I just wanted to give you a review and express some opinions on my new 6284D Cub Cadet CUT and also the specific attachments that I am using. I have had the tractor since Friday so I can not delve into long term opinions but I can give you my feelings on it’s performance thus far.

For those who may not be familiar with the 6284D this is essentially the old 7000 series CUT when Cub introduced the 8000 Series they re-did the name convention on all of the CUT’s to avoid confusion so the 7000 became the 6000 series.

The 6284D is an automatic four wheel drive hydrostatic compact utility tractor sporting three hydraulic pumps a main hydrostat pump and two auxiliary pumps. It has a fluid flow of 8 gallons per minute and the hydrostat and associated hydraulic system holds almost seven gallons of hydraulic fluid.

The drive train on the 6284 is very robust and all cast iron and quite heavy. The curb weight of the 6284 comes in at 1970 pounds sans attachments and in my case I am running the Cub 812 Backhoe and Cub 612 Loader which brings the curb weight up around 3540 pounds.

The transmission features a 540RPM rear power takeoff and a 2000RPM mid power takeoff which can also be converted to a 2000 front power takeoff with a kit available from Cub Cadet. There is a selector lever which allows you to choose either rear PTO, mid PTO or both PTO’s and also there is a reverse PTO lockout over-ride switch on the left hand fender.

On the rear of the transmission we have a SAE Category 1 Three Point Hitch which is controlled via the right hand side fender selector lever and the lift capacity is 950Lbs @ 24” from center pin. Also located at the bottom of the transmission case is a very nice *drawbar assembly (Removed if you have the optional backhoe).

Some other features of the transmission are dual, dry, drum brakes which are easily accessible via external cover plates and easily adjusted without going inside the transmission at all there is no split brake feature one brake pedal actuates both left and right hand brake drums.

Moving up to the engine we have a Caterpillar branded engine which is manufactured for Cat by Perkins of the United Kingdom. The engine is a 1.13 Liter Inline Three Cylinder Indirect Swirl Diesel which produces 28 Horsepower and 52 Lbs Ft of Torque and has an idle speed of approximately 1400RPM and a Maximum High Idle Speed of 3400 RPM.

I optioned my 6284D with the 612 loader and 812 Backhoe with sub frame kit. The 612 FEL is essentially identical to the older 610 model it has a slightly higher lift force of 750Lbs. The 812 model backhoe has a maximum reach of 6’6” and without looking up the documentation I believe its 1950 Lbs digging force. The hoe weighs in at 970Lbs according to the documentation and honestly after seeing the sub frame assembly I can believe it!

This hoe has full latticed cast iron stabilizers with cast iron stabilizer pads which are shod with rubber street shoes (no damage to concrete or asphalt). The bucket links are also made out of cast iron and are I-Beam in design. The bucket has easily changeable teeth via bolts, not welded or hammered on.

The backhoe mounts via a tubular sub-frame which slides into a bracket on the bottom of the transmission and is lynch pinned in place and also at the mid section of the tractor with another pair of lynch pins. Removal is straight forward and takes about 10 minutes to remove and/or install.

I also have a 60” Three Point Hitch, Finish Mower which is on back order at the moment so I can not yet comment on it’s performance. I had to go with the rear mount mower because you can not have a mid mount once the backhoe bracketry is installed onto the tractor frame.

All in all this whole setup cost me 23 Large which isn’t cheap but it is competitive. I could not get a comparable John Deere because there is no Backhoe available for the similar sized Deere and without the Hoe the Deere I priced out with FEL and MMM came to 21K as it was. I also was seriously considering the Kubota BX23 but the specs are not up to par with the 6284D and Kubota owners told me I needed to compare the 6284 to the Kubota L Series for an “Apples To Apples” comparison.

After a few days with the Cub here is my list of things I love and things I would like to see Cub change.

Things I love

· Ergonomics and Control Layout
· Ease of FEL and Backhoe removal
· Wide stance and secure footing of the drive train
· On Demand 4WD System
· Industrial Tires bite great in dirt and do not tear up my lawn
· Backhoe is extremely robust and powerful
· Cat/Perkins Diesel is a jewel with tons of Torque
· Use of Plastic in hood and fenders (no rust)
· Effortless Power Steering
· Comfortable seating
· Use of Cast Iron throughout
· Easy to read dash instruments with good illumination
· Excellent fuel economy compared to the previous gas version
· Foldable R.O.P.S

Things I am not fond of, or would like to see changed

· No full time 4WD option
· Lack of Split Brakes
· Whiney Hydrostat (but that is the nature of the beast)
· Expensive Backhoe (But what Hoe isn’t)
· More positive detents on all levers would be nice
· Diff Lock would be nice as a dash mounted push button
· Loss of Drawbar bracket to mount Backhoe Bracketry
· Some minor rust on a few components, need to paint better
· 11MPH top speed in high range is a bit slow
· Hydrostat fluid filter mounted low, a skid plate would be nice
· A flip around seat to operate Hoe would be nice (hoe has own seat)

That is about all I can think of at the moment and all in all it is a fantastic piece of machinery that I would recommend to anyone looking for a stout CUT this is no toy it is a very capable machine and the price really is competitive when comparing to other offerings that spec out the same or close. If you are looking for a great CUT you owe it to yourself to stop by your local Cub Cadet dealer and take a look at the 6284D (and no, I was not paid for by Cub Cadet!) J

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:thanku: Thats a good detailed review on it. :congrats: Keep it updated as you get some seat time. :fing32:

Has anyone seen ChimChim?
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21.5 Hour Update

Soon (25 hours) I will have to perform my first bit of service. I have to change both of
the Hydraulic System Filters as per the manual at 25 hours. I do not have to change
the fluid.

Aside from a busted hydraulic hose on the Boom of the Backhoe at 18 hours (defective
crimp on the hydraulic hose ferrule) which was replaced under warranty by my dealer,
I have had no other issues.

I have some minor "gripes" or rather things I would change if I designed the tractor. I
would like to see a swivel seat for the Tractor/Hoe similar to what Kubota offers on the
BX line, rather than two seperate seats, one of which has to be pinned up when not in
use (the hoe seat) if not they smack into each other.

The boom of the hoe will rub against the backside of the operator platform if you swing
the boom all the way to either side (180 degrees of swivel) most other hoe's are limited
to 140-170 to prevent this. I will install a set of rubber bumpers on the backside of the
operators platform to limit the boom swing.

I don't have any other gripes at this time but I will update as I find them. :)
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