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Cub Cadet 2176 Snow Blower help

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I know it's not exactly the season to worry about snow blowers but I just picked up a new tractor and would like to keep an eye out for a snow blower for it for the next several months. The tractor is a Cub Cadet 2176 with about 180 hours on it.

From my research I think that the correct snow blower for it is a model 341. It looks like this snow blower is still current. Is that correct?

Since this tractor is made by MTD are there any other blowers that would work with it that I should keep an eye out for? For example, an almost new Craftsman just showed up on my local craigslist for $200.

What other items do I need to get to put a snow blower on this? So far I know I'll probably need wheel weights and chains (I'm not sure how the weights attach). Will I need to block the grill to keep the carb from icing or do I need a different helper spring to lift the blower? Those are both things a JD dealer was telling me I'd need for one of their tractors I was looking at.

Sorry for the long newbie post, thanks in advance for any info.

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I don't have that model tractor, but see below for screenshots of what I found starting at, then browsing the Cub site and looking for parts. I searched on 2176. Looks like your compatible throwers are the 340 or 341 depending on which width you want.

As for what other thrower/blower models might work for it, someone else here might be able to answer that. Just be aware that attachments that weren't designed for your tractor but which you think "should fit" may require some degree of modification in both attachment geometry, PTO orientation/ratio, or all of these (see the blower link in my sig for an example).

Most folks I've read about here who use snowthrowers or blowers do use weights (or fill their tires with washer fluid or calcium), and some also use chains, but opinions vary. Some use neither and get by just fine. I use both, but I started using them when I would plow (not blow) and plowing requires lots of traction. With the blower, traction is less of an issue so I could probably get away with less. Also my driveway is pretty level.

Can't tell you much about the carb icing or lifter spring. I didn't have any carb icing problems, and some of my winter forays were around 15 deg F but I might have just been lucky.


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Greetings from one new guy to another.

I purchased my new GT2550 (with 341 blower) in November, which I believe has quite a few similarities with your machine. The lift handle sat so low that when the blower was raised you had to reach down to the foot board before it would latch or unlatch. At that point you were taking so much weight off the seat that the PTO seat safety switch would shut off the blower. This was very aggravating and highly unsafe to boot. Further, the handle itself is so long that it is very spindly. Together, these problems made the blower horrible to use.

To correct this situation, I took the handle off, bolted it to my shop bench and bent it straight up 16” and towards the hood 6”. Then I added a brace made from 1/2” conduit (to be replaced with heavier steel tubing now that I know it works) from about half way up the handle (1/4” bolt) down to the lower lift handle mounting bolt. If you position it correctly it will clear both the release mechanism and the front tire; re-bending lift handle first is mandatory if yours is as low as mine was. Photo is attached.

Wow, what a difference! The lift handle now feels solid and is more precise in operation – the difference is like night & day. This mod makes the latching & unlatching more precise also, as the handle is no longer deflecting. Now I can say that the GT2550 & Cub blower combination is a great success – I am very satisfied with the performance.


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Thanks for the replies. Now I just have to find a good one, hopefully cheap. At least time is on my side.
Check Many good buys can be found there.

I have a 2001 Cub Cadet 3184 and found a snowblower for it on Craigslist. It was a two hour drive each way, but worth every mile. The blower didn't look like it was used for one minute and came with a hydraulic front hitch, two wheel weights and two suitcase weights. All for $1000.

Good luck

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