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Cub Cadet 2135 Choke control

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Hi, everybody! Here's my dilemma...after mowing the lawn last week, the choke cable totally seized up on me. I couldn't budge the thing, no matter what I did. The tractor ran great prior to this, no problems at all. Sometimes, the choke would get a bit finicky, but never froze like that. So, I figured, no biggie, I guess it's time for a new cable. Here's where my frustration took over. When I removed the old cable, I completely forgot to take a few pics, so I'd remember the proper routing and linkage connections of the new cable. When the new cable gets here in a few days, I wanna do it right the first time, to avoid anymore problems/frustration. If anyone's done this before, I'd really appreciate your assistance with this. A couple of pics, would really be a big help. :thanku:

Cub Cadet 2135 Kohler Command 13 HP
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It's pretty straight-forward.. Route it over to the carb and hook it into the lever that open/ closes the choke plate. Make sure it closes the choke fully..
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