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We recently got a cub cadet 1315 at our school shop, and it is missing a transaxle. No one seems to have a need for it, and it is mostly stripped apart. We also have a 3-wheeler with a parts engine/transmission and back axle.

I was wondering how hard it would be to put the back axle in the 1315?

I was originally thinking that I would put the engine up front, create a longer driveshaft, and connect it to the back axle. Looking at it now, the top of the engine is torn apart to where you can see the piston, and there is no wiring anywhere. Not sure about how these engines are set up/how much work it would take to put back together and get running.

So, what are my options for powering this back axle?
It would need to have a forward/reverse transmission.
The stock engine for this tractor runs, so if that could be coupled somehow to an auxilary transmission of some sorts, and then coupled to the back axle, that would work.

The back axle is driven by a driveshaft, which is connected to the engine/transmission unit.

Can anyone help?
I appreciate any feedback/ideas/concerns. This tractor would be used for pulling, and maybe pushing snow in the winter. It seems like a fun project. The big thing for me is, I don't know about the engine used in the three wheeler, so it would be difficult to put back together and use. There is probably a lot of parts missing.

Sorry for the long post & thanks again,

P.S. - here is a picture of what the original tractor would look like:

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We have two of the engines, but both are equally taken apart.

How much electrical wiring is there to these engines?
I would think you looking at some major redesigning, the engine appears to have its output on the bottom, the atv would have it in front. seems if you had an older gear drive cub it might work better.
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