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cub cadet 129

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Got another 129 here a few weeks ago, I'll try to throw up a couple pic's.


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Thank you gentlemen for your compliments, especially sadixon 49. My avatar is a Spruance class destroyer, USS Briscoe DD-977. It was de-commissioned in 2005. I am a Navy veteran and a crew member onboard this man of war from 1985-1987. Jsoluna, the engine was short blocked at some point in it's history. I would like to re paint it to its proper yellow in the spring. Have since replaced the side panels that are missing in the picture. Needs a few minor things, nothing serious. I'd be interested in installing the oem headlights if anybody has all the piece's available. Can make my own wiring harness if necessary.
since Your Looking for Headlights I would check with this Cub Dealer & Bone Yard or any of these Other Bone Yards The headlight Panels through Bone Yards are a lot Less expensive Than Buying New (Old IH stock) from MTD:thThumbsU
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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