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Cub Cadet 125 and attachments

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Early in the spring I got a cub cadet 125 for free. It came with a mower deck, snow plow, trailer, snow blower, scoop tote, sleave hitch, and tire chains. I also got a big box of parts. It has hydrolic lift. It wasn't running when I got it but is now running. I still need to put a new seal in the hydrolic pump for the lift. Today the same guy stopped at my house with a soft sided cab in good condition. :eek:mg: I am so happy.
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I sent you Pm with some good place for parts for your Cub.
Congrats on the New Tractor.:thThumbsU
Congrats on the 125, free is GOOD, :wwp:
Free is good, just like my 149, I almost got as many free attachments too! but you beat me by a few pieces, way to go and congrats on getting it running, my 149 runs now it just needs to drive, new parts on the way. have fun
Are you freakin' kidding me?

You lucky dog!
:congrats: and good luck with it. Were looking forward to the pics of it and all of the toys you got. slkpk
:wwp: pics pics I have a 69 125 do you have any pics
:ditto: :wwp:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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