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cub cadet 124

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is a narrow frame 124 worth 100 dollars not running. What is it worth. Should I buy it?
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yes buy it. its worth more than that in parts.
I would buy about any narrw frame for that. The 124 & 125 headlight panels should yours be so lucky are briging that on ebay.
Buy it or tell me if it is near Allentown PA and I will buy it.
its in Delmont, PA it has no motor or front wheels
No motor or front wheels, might not be such a great deal unless you have a need for parts that are still there. Now if it has "goodies" (headlights, creeper, 3 point hitch, spring assist or attachments) then yes, it is worth the money.

If you plan on parting it out you could probably get your money back, if there are no "goodies" but you may not make a lot on the deal.
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I agree not worth it if it doesnt have any goodies.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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