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Cub Cadet 108

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I've been looking for threads on the CC 108 and was surprised noboby's talking about them. If I missed some information please steer me to the right thread.

Here's my situation. I've owned a 108 since 1977 or so and it's been a great machine. It's semi-retired now but still cuts an acre of grass when called upon. The issue is the old 10 HP Kohler is getting tired. It doesn't have the power it used to, uses some oil and smokes a bit. I kept up on the oil changes over the years but I really can't complain after 32 years of service.

Would a ring job fix the smoking / power problem? Anybody know what my options are?

Any other Cub forums I should be checking?


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Rering it or rebuild it for around $350 and it will be good for another 32 years any questions pm me
Rings alone may or may not fix your problem. It really depends on the condition of the piston and cillinder walls. After all this time it may also need some valve work, might need the head shaved and possibly the top of the block shaved as well.

While you are there, check the throttle shaft hole in the carb. if it is loose or sloppy you'll want to repair it also.

Check or have these things checked and repaired/replaced and you'll be good for another 40 years of faithful service.

OR you can go spend 2 or 3 thousand dollars and get a new POC mower that will be worn out in four or five years.
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I would say that you also may need to bore the cylinder .010 over with a new Piston and Rings along with other parts once opened up.

Click on this link for a great Cub Cadet Site......Cubs
After 32 years of service it's time for a major rebuild. The piston, rings, connecting rod, points plunger rod and governor need replaced. The valves may need ground or replace. Valve guides may or may not need replace. Head bolts should be replaced.

You can just replace the will be doing it again in a few years. For a few extra $$$ you do the job right the first time.

You can easily spend $350 to $500 in parts and machine shop work alone. I would use Kohler replacement parts. They cost a little more.....quality is better. The motor is easy to rebuild depending on your skill level. I do rebuild Kohler K-series motors if you not able to.
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Thanks for all the information. I have a country Simplicity dealer nearby who has a machine shop and services all brands. He always has some "old timers" parked in his lot for repair. I'll see what he recommends and let you know.

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