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Cub Cadet 1046 kw vs Craftsman YT4000

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Hope I'm not opening up a can of worms here, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these two. I'm having a hard time trying to decide between them. I just bought a house with 3 acres to cover and these two have been going back and forth in my mind. I know I can't really use either for plowing, but figured it might be better to get them now while the winter was upon us and they were possibly cheaper with less of a wait time. I know a GT would be better, but I don't think I am going to need that for what I am trying to do. I just need something to cut the lawn and sometimes pull a cart around with wood/dirt/mulch. Nothing too heavy...There are no CC dealers around me, so I'd be ordering the 1046 from Home Depot online.

Pluses/Minuses as I see them: I imagine that I'd be able to get parts & accessories a lot easier with the YT4000. The Tight Turn technology sounds good becuase I'll have a lot of obstacles to go around, but the 1046 isn't exactly a slouch either. The motor on the 1046 seems to be a little better, but I am worried about having to deal with the Kawasaki motor. (I know it's a good motor, but parts can be expensive & harder to get) I could get a Kohler model too, but most reviews say the Kawi is better. The general build quality of the 1046 also seems to be a little sturdier overall as well. I've sat on both the Kohler 1046 and the YT4000, and I think I just like the feel of the 1046 more. The 1046 seems to have a few more bells and whistles, and it seems like the controls for the deck might be a little better the way it's set up on there. (I think the YT4000 has a lever you slide across the steering wheel area while the 1046 has a lever you pull back & forth next to the seat)

Bottom line is that I'm leaning to the 1046 KW, but would like to hear from others who might have gone through this decision. Like I said before, I know the benefits of the GT, but I think I should be good to go with one of these.

Thanks in advance!!!
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Thanks for the info guys! I'd would go the used route, but right now I don't really have the time to deal with something that I'd either have to fix right away or that might have hidden problems. I've been looking and haven't seen anything that's peaked my interest either. I'd rather have something new that I can fix in the future and that I will know it's service history. I also have a bit of an OCD issue where I like keeping my stuff in good shape - something a lot of people wouldn't do with a tractor lol.

It's sad that I've gone back and forth on this so much, but I think I am going to go with the YT4000. Yeah, I like the feel of sitting on the 1046 a little more, but I like the idea of having the Sears parts direct support system. As an added bonus, my lawn mower and snow blower also have B&S motors, so maybe I'll get to know the motors a little better if they're all made by the same company. (I'm working on becoming more of a DIYer) The topper was that I showed them to my 5 yr old son last night, and his vote went to the fire red craftsman even though his favorite color is yellow lol. It'd be nice to get something that he was excited about too...just gotta remember to hide the keys.

I have a 2011 YT4000 42" with 24 hp B&S Twin. It has Husquvarna stickers under the seat.(is made by AYP American Yard Products)

I have pretty rough property with a few hills. It is useless on the hills but you cut going down.

I keep the mower off of it as I use the tractor way more hauling stuff around the property than I do cutting grass and the with the rough sports the mower hangs it up. Takes about 2 minutes to install or remove the deck.

Lots of power, poor brakes on an incline. I just added weight to the tires and hopefully that will help.

I love the tight turn radius for getting around all the trees that I have.

There was a problem with the guage wheels not moving as they hit the deck in the third position and after fighting with sears about it I just took a hammer to the deck and fixed it. Poor customer service.

I am amazed at how much that it has improved my productivity with cart on the property let alone cutting my grass cutting from about 10 hours to 3 hours a week.

I like the hydro foot pedal and the ability to order parts.

I put 65 hours on it and I would say great on flat land. Not so good on hills.
Thanks for the pics. My front yard is little bit of an incline, but I wouldn't call it hilly. Over a span of about 80 feet it goes up about 10 feet. Think that should give it any problems? The other issue is that I am at the bottom of a hill, so my yard can get a little swampy. (working on that too)

I'll definitely be ordering a cart for it to haul stuff around the yard. I won't overload it or anything, but something to help with some dirt or wood.

It kind of sucks that I saw it was on sale with free shipping on the 1st, but I didn't pull the trigger. I figured that I could probably do better than the 5% off if I keep looking.
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