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Cub Cadet 1046 kw vs Craftsman YT4000

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Hope I'm not opening up a can of worms here, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these two. I'm having a hard time trying to decide between them. I just bought a house with 3 acres to cover and these two have been going back and forth in my mind. I know I can't really use either for plowing, but figured it might be better to get them now while the winter was upon us and they were possibly cheaper with less of a wait time. I know a GT would be better, but I don't think I am going to need that for what I am trying to do. I just need something to cut the lawn and sometimes pull a cart around with wood/dirt/mulch. Nothing too heavy...There are no CC dealers around me, so I'd be ordering the 1046 from Home Depot online.

Pluses/Minuses as I see them: I imagine that I'd be able to get parts & accessories a lot easier with the YT4000. The Tight Turn technology sounds good becuase I'll have a lot of obstacles to go around, but the 1046 isn't exactly a slouch either. The motor on the 1046 seems to be a little better, but I am worried about having to deal with the Kawasaki motor. (I know it's a good motor, but parts can be expensive & harder to get) I could get a Kohler model too, but most reviews say the Kawi is better. The general build quality of the 1046 also seems to be a little sturdier overall as well. I've sat on both the Kohler 1046 and the YT4000, and I think I just like the feel of the 1046 more. The 1046 seems to have a few more bells and whistles, and it seems like the controls for the deck might be a little better the way it's set up on there. (I think the YT4000 has a lever you slide across the steering wheel area while the 1046 has a lever you pull back & forth next to the seat)

Bottom line is that I'm leaning to the 1046 KW, but would like to hear from others who might have gone through this decision. Like I said before, I know the benefits of the GT, but I think I should be good to go with one of these.

Thanks in advance!!!
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If you're a bit of a DIY-er, have you thought about saving a bunch of money and going with something used?

Otherwise, IMO most all of these $1,500 riders are about the same. Sure, they might have different features, but it's sort of a mix and match game, and then they juice it up by trying to outdo each other with big horse power and wide decks.

I've worked on a ton of Craftsman stuff, from the big old GT's with hi/lo range transmissions, to the most recent plastic wiz-bang models. They all seem about the same to me, with quality trends varying based on era of build. I've got a late model one in right now with a big v-twin. It's like brand new, low hours, garage stored....2 broken connecting rods(or the rod caps have fallen off, haven't opened it up yet.

I had my first Cub Cadet about 2 weeks ago. An LT1045 with automatic. I wasn't impressed. Same-ol'-same-ol' IMO. Appears to be the same as the Toro HXL's, just not red. It's Kohler Courage 20hp wouldn't start because the stud that holds the rocker arm for the exhaust valve had fallen out of the head, and the rocker arm was just laying there. Fixed that and it ran another hour before the compression release spring (a cheesey little 10cent spring) broke inside the engine and caused the exhaust valve to collide with the piston, bending the valve and breaking the valve spring seat and retainer. Ran great when all repaired and I really like the motion pedal you step on with that automatic. Made for nice hands free driving. But I like that in the Toro HXL machines too.

Personally, for the money, and how simple these are to work on, I'd never buy a new one, but that's not for everybody. Between and a couple other online sources, common parts are inexpensive.

What ever you get, I'd suggest getting a front bumper on it asap. Grills, headlights, and hoods are super expensive and I see a lot of these (of all makes) with damage there. The 1045 I had came with a bumper built in. I've not seen that on Craftsman, but they sell a really nice bumper for under $30 that sticks way out and really protects the entire machine.

Good luck!
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^^I agree with that^^
I continue to use to find the part numbers I need, even for their tractors from the early 80's. Then apply the numbers to, and hit the "place order" button.
It's a very good point though. Not a bad idea to make some local phone calls (if you're not a wrench spinner) and ask, "Will you service my Craftsman or my Home Deep Hole Cub Cadet/MTD?"

For example; the local high end dealer here will not service anything they don't sell, and are typically backed up 4-6wks.
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You should buy a set of the "tractor" tires for the know, the ones with the diagonal paddles ( and I think you'll love that thing.

A gal I know had a set of chains built for hers, and that's what she uses on her farm/ranch for everything the big 3 point mower and Massey-Furguson can't reach. She runs the bag off the thing, on steep slopes, etc. I've mowed with in areas where I had to scoot over with half my a$$ off the seat, and the back end was slightly canted out. No problems. I'm not a fan of the chains though. They just aren't as good as the tractor tires.
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Yes, you definately have to have a deck that's not right up against the rears in order fit chains. Some models have the room, some don't.

As easy as the rears slide on and off the axles, I'd just have a set of the ags mounted on spare rims, ready to go as needed.
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