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Cub Cadet 1046 kw vs Craftsman YT4000

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Hope I'm not opening up a can of worms here, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these two. I'm having a hard time trying to decide between them. I just bought a house with 3 acres to cover and these two have been going back and forth in my mind. I know I can't really use either for plowing, but figured it might be better to get them now while the winter was upon us and they were possibly cheaper with less of a wait time. I know a GT would be better, but I don't think I am going to need that for what I am trying to do. I just need something to cut the lawn and sometimes pull a cart around with wood/dirt/mulch. Nothing too heavy...There are no CC dealers around me, so I'd be ordering the 1046 from Home Depot online.

Pluses/Minuses as I see them: I imagine that I'd be able to get parts & accessories a lot easier with the YT4000. The Tight Turn technology sounds good becuase I'll have a lot of obstacles to go around, but the 1046 isn't exactly a slouch either. The motor on the 1046 seems to be a little better, but I am worried about having to deal with the Kawasaki motor. (I know it's a good motor, but parts can be expensive & harder to get) I could get a Kohler model too, but most reviews say the Kawi is better. The general build quality of the 1046 also seems to be a little sturdier overall as well. I've sat on both the Kohler 1046 and the YT4000, and I think I just like the feel of the 1046 more. The 1046 seems to have a few more bells and whistles, and it seems like the controls for the deck might be a little better the way it's set up on there. (I think the YT4000 has a lever you slide across the steering wheel area while the 1046 has a lever you pull back & forth next to the seat)

Bottom line is that I'm leaning to the 1046 KW, but would like to hear from others who might have gone through this decision. Like I said before, I know the benefits of the GT, but I think I should be good to go with one of these.

Thanks in advance!!!
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alot of the craftsman line are built by MTD, who also now owns the cubcadet name. i don't know about each modle, but these two might have more in common than you think.
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