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Cub 108 starter problems

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When I shut my 108 off after mowing for a few hours I noticed a slight trail of smoke coming out the rear of the combo starter / generator. The unit was too hot to keep your hand on. I let it cool off and it started the engine right up although it made some new squeeky noises.

Are these units repairable or do I toss it out and buy one of these?
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I just rebuilt my S/G and it's a pretty simple unit. Depending on which Delco-Remy model you have (some have 2 bearings, others have a bearing and a bronze bushing) you can get a rebuild kit on ebay. Look up the model number to figure out what kind you have. It sounds like you either burnt up the bushing or the bearing because there wasn't any oil lubricating them.

The kit will also have new brushes. The only reason to scrap a S/G is if the coils have shorts or opens in them, but since you were able to start your 108, it sounds like your coils are fine.

Just rebuild it w/ new bearing(s)/bushing, brushes, and keep oil in it so the new ones won't overheat.
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I'll get the numbers this weekend and look for a repair kit . I looked pretty close and didn't see any flip caps or any way to oil the bearings / bushings? Did I miss something?


Put a good dab of grease in the bronze bearing before reassembling..
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