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Cruizer II By Raven
Simple, Affordable Guidance Made Faster and More Powerful Than Ever

With Cruizer II, you can add all the benefits of an easy-to-use precision guidance system and more to your operation without pushing your budget off course. Because we removed two of the biggest obstacles, complexityCruizer II and high cost. And we made it simple with more power and capability. Simple in every way. Simple to install. Simple to operate. Simple to understand. And since Cruizer II is surprisingly affordable, you enjoy quick payback through improved efficiency and input savings. Easy installation and operation also get you in and out of the field in a hurry. Increase flexibility and performance. Cruizer II brings greater accuracy and efficiency to a variety of operations, from tillage to seeding to spraying to harvesting. You can also move Cruizer II easily from tractor to tractor, which makes a great "second" guidance unit for equipment and applications that don't require upper-end capability. Cruizer II even comes with a weather resistant option for open-air cabs. Less stress and fatigue. Cruizer II's easy to read guidance display means you have one less thing to worry about while you're working. That allows you to concentrate on other important activities and information. You can make life even less stressful with an upgrade to Raven assisted steering and automatic planter and boom section controls. Guiding you toward profitability. Cruizer II benefits go straight to your bottom line, especially when you consider its competitive price and quick payback on your investment. With Cruizer II in your cab, you can know more, control more and make more.


  • Brilliant 5.7” high-resolution touch-screen display features easy to understand icon-based menus, status indicators, and day/night mode for simple operation.
  • Simple installation/mounting for hassle-free installation and use with multiple machines.
  • Built-in 10 Hz DGPS receiver and external DGPS antenna for accurate sub-meter guidance.
  • Integrated lightbar system for added confidence and visual support. Enhanced “Last Pass” guidance with automatic correction simplifies contour and irregularly shaped fields and prevents repeating errors.
  • Record keeping made simple with file formats for saving, reporting and importing data.
  • Straight A-B, Last Pass, Fixed Contour and Pivot field patterns for greater accuracy, speed and convenience.
  • Bird’s-eye view and downfield 3-D perspective for checking coverage and keeping you on line.
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