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Criaglist Wheel Horse Score

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I picked this tractor up off craigslist saying it had a seized engine on Sunday for 125$. It's a 1995 Wheel Horse 312-8 with a Kohler magnum engine.
I tore it apart last night and it just had a massive mouse nest holding the flywheel in place. I removed the nest, and it freed the engine up. I took the day off to get it running, it didn't take much. After and oil change, new plug, air filter, transmission belt, put in a new battery I drained the half gallon of water out of gas tank, it fired right up. To bad the mower deck is missing but not bad for 225$ invested. She cleaned up really nice, it goes good with the rest of the herd.

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Looks right at home, no doubt. Great score!!!
Sweet find!
GREAT find!!
I just got my 93 314 off CL.
Nice collection too.:fing32: :fing32:
Man what a lucky deal on that one!
Man what a lucky deal on that one!
I think you should get someone to pull that Horse Shoe out tee hee.:sidelaugh
great lookin ride!:thThumbsU
I had a women call in yesterday looking for a good used tractor to replace her dead C-120, I told her about the 312, how it's in good shape but I didn't have a deck for it. Luckily she mentioned her old tractor and the deck being in good shape, so I got 700$ for the tractor, swapped her deck onto the 312, and got to keep her C-120. The C-120 is rusty but complete, straight as an arrow sheet metal, the connecting rod broke, hopefully the cylinder is ok and she'll get restore and live again.
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