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Creative Repair, Zero Cost Is Important These Days!

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The end of the rectangular PTO shaft on the 24G was starting to wobble, it was worn away.

I guess twenty some years is all you can ask?

I was going to order a new piece of bar, and weld it on. Then I thought,

"Why not just "reverse" the shaft?"

So I cut the shaft, turned it around, and welded it back.

It has been a year since the repair, no wobble, !! WOOT!! :bananapow

Come on you cheapo's show some zero cost repairs!! :dunno:
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I've got several male shafts for the 50" deck and was thinking about cutting one down to use on the 430 w/40" deck. Then taking that 4" or so piece I cut off and welding it onto another one it make the longer male shaft needed for the 60" deck etc. Jason
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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