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Creative Repair, Zero Cost Is Important These Days!

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The end of the rectangular PTO shaft on the 24G was starting to wobble, it was worn away.

I guess twenty some years is all you can ask?

I was going to order a new piece of bar, and weld it on. Then I thought,

"Why not just "reverse" the shaft?"

So I cut the shaft, turned it around, and welded it back.

It has been a year since the repair, no wobble, !! WOOT!! :bananapow

Come on you cheapo's show some zero cost repairs!! :dunno:
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It seems like such a mysterious and formidable thing to so many, but I cannot think of another "fixit" skill which has paid off so handsomely. I think anyone who has one of these older machines MUST learn to weld some.
Couldn't agree more. It puts your capabilities and independence in another stratosphere.

You will of course become the "welder" in the neighborhood ............
It's got me a whole lotta beer as payment :fing32:

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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