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Crazy idea for a puller..

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How about a Powerking with an Onan?
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power kings are monsters, i moved this about 30 feet with my 1614. the guy operating the sled told my dad "that tractor is going to bust right where it sits." i showed him...

my cousin gave it a try too and he went almost 40 feet in a different gear.

i dont know how we both ended up all crocked like that. i did garden pulls with it too.

between that and my cub i did pretty good.
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Your bottom pick shows you did very well, nice puller!
how about a 140 h3 with a 583/670 rotax twin?
Even crazier Skidoo's Mach Z with Aero Charger turbo kit, 360 HP but what tractor could handle such an animal would be question, perhaps only a SCUT.
heard there was a guy using a 3 cylinder from a geo metro on his 140 for pulling.
No one around here will let you do that..the Economy/power kings run the big we have to have 26x12x12 or smaller for most classes, others say 23x10.5x12 or smaller...their is one club that runs a"mini rod" style class and they run like 31x16x15 tires...or something close to that...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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