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Yes, an 877 is a hydro, and it's a 1967 model w/an 8hp K181 engine.
I've had an 876 for nearly 4 yrs now and it's a regular worker for me. I do like it and I've posted a few threads about it and some mod's I've done to it lately.

A few things about it. That hydro unit is basically more powerful than the K181 can take advantage of. I believe WH put the same HST model in the 10 & 12hp models also.
The K181 needs to run at WOT to give you the performance it'll deliver. Anything less will probably overheat both the engine and HST but when I work mine, which is weekly, it's yet to overheat or have any otehr serious issues so it's engineered right, just run it WOT.

Things to check on it.
1) Look for hydro leaks, especially on the pump (clearly visable with the seat pan up) where the motion lever's linkages enter the HST and on the immediate backside where a plate covers the shaft access. Mine leaked at both places and I detailed the fix in an old thread.
2) Warm it up and try some hills. when cold they perform great but once they're warmed up and the fluid has thinned is when you can tell if it's worn internally. The HST should pull as well hot as it does cold. If it does it's GTG.
3) In the park position there is a little claw internal to the HST that holds in from moving, similar to an auto tranny, and these get broke easily. Mine is broke and it's probably been floating around in the HST sump for ever but if that one works thats a HUGE plus, if not I wouldn't worry about it, just don't park on any incline w/the engine running :D

I really like mine and would possibly be interested in that one if your not, if just for the parts. Let me/us know how it goes
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GTG Kevin.
Actually it's good that the HST boggs the engine down as it shows that the HST isn't slipping. 8hp is about as low as one should go to power an HST and it will really load one up. Like I said earlier you need to run these puppies at WOT.
You need to worry when you can feel the tractor slipping and the engine doesn't seem to be loading up as thats a sure sign of an HST fix'n to go out....
A fluid & filter change never hurts. Ypu can use any Dexron rated tranny fluid but I recommend to use an OEM WH HST hydro filter. I got one from ebay but I've heard that it's a common Toro/WH filter and most shops that used to service WH's should carry it, My genuine Toro/WH filter indicates this part# 79-5270.
If you do decide to let it go let me know, I may be interested in the whole unit.
Good luck w/it
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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