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I have a craftsman tractor scoop that I must modify the mount to fit my non-craftsman tractor. I have the design for attaching the mount, but to avoid having to experiment a lot, it would be very helpful to have the answer to the following question from another scoop owner whose mounts are mounted and can easily give me a measurement:

1. What height is it from the ground to the center of the mounting rod hole?

Then a couple more questions, if you could:

1a. Given that height, are you still able to dig below grade and yet get decent bucket rise?

1b. Would it be better if your mount was higher or lower, and why do you think so?

I might make multiple mount mounting holes (at 1 or 1.5 inch increments) so that I can raise or lower the scoop mount depending on what I want to use it for (max dig or max height), but I need to know an ideal starting height.

Thanks in advance.
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