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craftsman lt 1000/ peerless 206-545c

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My newest find a craftsman LT 1000 19.5 hp twin #917.271815 with a peerless 206-545c.
just found the oil fill plug very little gear lube in it (1/2in) how much do you put in (gear lube).
I love the looks of the lt 1000, ALSO have a lt 1000 17 hp ohv 917.271653,
and a lt 1000 16 hp ohv 917.270670.:greendr:


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Go to the web page

You will see in the diagram (parts list ) 1 qt gear oil 80w90.. unfortunately the sears parts site gives you the electrical system diagram when you click on the trans axle picture..

I got a "Freebie" LT with a 19.5 briggs V-Twin when I took out the transmission and turned it upside down to drain I got about a cup of oil,, I put in the recommended 1 qt gear oil and it has been smooth ever since.. I love old freebie.. she takes a lot of abuse

That LT looks to be in great shape, you did well :fing32:
Thanks guys I did not know how much to put in. so i put in 30oz 80w90 shifts smooth now,
hope not too much gear lube?
I picked up all 3 LT 1000 for $300.00 they all run good and look good. now.:greendr:
THANKS madforstuff.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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