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Hey all!

I am new to this site (and tractors in general) so go easy on me!

Short Version:
How does the Cub Cadet XT2 GX54 stack up to the Craftsman GT5500 54" and what is the difference between the Craftsman GT5500 and The Pro series?

Long Version:

So I am about 2 years into home ownership (1.25 acres, some slopes, lots of trees, lots of roots in one area). I have been getting by with the former homeowner's 1999 craftsman 42" LT but the thing was pretty beat up when I got it and has been on life support ever since.

I finally have the cash to get something that might fit my needs. My price point is $2500-$3000 but I could stretch that a bit if it was worth it.

Mostly Mowing-the yard has some minor off camber sections but no big hills
-the property is ~1.25 acres and almost all cleared (except for the 1600sqft house and driveway)
-There are many roots that im always accidentally smashing into with my mower deck, although I do my best to miss them.
-current mow time is over two hours (due to all of the obstacles and the fact that my deck cuts unevenly so I overlap my cut by almost half)
-I mulch, but would love to have the option to pick up leaves in the fall

Plowing/Snow Blowing
-I have a big driveway (wide). My neighbor across the streed graciously comes over to remove snow with his bobcat when it gets bad, but I really hate asking him to do that and relying on him when it gets bad. I would love to get a tractor capable of moving snow, even if it means a snowblower attachment and not a plow due to a lack of tractor weight

-due to our number of trees I feel like im always chopping up fallen limbs and carrying them away - I would love to be able to pull them away in my tractor
-Mulching - We have a lot of flowerbeds and areas requiring mulch.
-Moving firewood from the back of the yard to the house

Ground engaging?
-I have no idea if I will ever actually use ground engaging attachments. Is it a good idea to keep this ability in my back pocket? Will a tractor capable of pulling attachments last longer under lighter loads?

-I do not need creature comforts.
-I like fixing my own stuff, but I really don't like fixing unexpected breakdowns when im relying on my tractor to complete a job (this is a weekly occurrence at the moment)
-I would much prefer rugged reliable hardware to something good looking

I am looking at entry level Garden tractors because it seems as though the hardware and frame are significantly upgraded from LT's and in my mind that translates to longer life. Please correct me if im wrong.

All of that being said - I have been looking at the Craftsman GT's and the Cub Cadet XT2 GT's. How do these compare? Should I be looking at something else in this price range?

Any help you could give would be great!

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Seeing as how you already have two models in mind, start here:
Cub Cadet Cub Cadet XT2 GX54 tractor information
Crafstman Craftsman 917.20403 G5500 tractor information

These two links will give quite a bit of information regarding the GT's you've already thought of. You mentioned ground engaging implements, keep in mind that they tend to get a little heavy. So if you want to keep that option open, think of the lift systems as well. Electric or hydraulic, either or is just fine. Some other questions you might want to ask your self is what about power take off's? I also want to add one more key point, Newer isn't always better, that includes depedability. You can find a 30 year old GT that just had a fresh rebuild on the engine that will out last any of the newer variants, as well as being tons more versatile.
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