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Craftsman GT 6000 Hydro info requested

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HELP- I have a Craftsman GT 6000 Hydro w/ a 44" deck and a 42" snowblower attachment. It has a Kohler 18hp twin Magnum engine.
I've had it for a few years and am the second owner. The Tractor Model # is 917.257730. s/n is 020394c 002238. The Blower Model is 842.240561. s/n is 498869.
I need a replacement seat for the tractor and an auger belt for the blower. I have the manuals for both so I have the part #'s for what I need. Here are my questions.

How difficult is it to get parts for these tractors?

How do you decode the part #'s. I am planning on selling the unit once I replace these parts and change the oil. I would like to know how old it is. Then hopefully get an idea for pricing it.
The tractor runs fine and is used for cutting my lawn. I blew snow for me last year until the belt let go. (could use blades sharpened or replaced)
I've since bought a Gravely ride on with a 40" blower and weather cab Which I'll need a deck for, but first things first.

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Check your local Sears store. Since the Sears parts store closed south of Boston, the local Sears store is now stocking many belts and blades. They are also available on-line at
The seat might cost more than the tractor, mine does. That's why my seat is held together by 'duct tape'.
One way to judge the age is by the numbers on the motor. If it is a B&S engine, their website has a decoding table. That is, if the motor hasn't been replaced with a newer motor.
Thanks for the lead.
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