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Craftsman FF/18 south east Ohio

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One craftsman I would love to have
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he's askin WAY too much for that one.. 1800 tops in my book..
I think this is the tractor that sears compared to the john Deere 400 GT
make that a JD 110 or a 112 round fender.. they were the same size.. the JD 400 was a lot bigger machine..
size wise the 400 is a way bigger machine.. the HP of the 400 doesn't mean anything when u compare size..

I have 2 Craftsman GT's.. they r smaller than the 400 by a long ways.. the craftsman frames r narrower & shorter.. the 400 is a good 8 inches longer & is built a lot beafier.. right & left brakes & diff lock makes the tranny twice as heavy as the FF tranny
1 - 3 of 6 Posts