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Craftsman edger with bad Tec.

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I don't often post here,I usually stay around Snapper RER's,but my old Craftsman edger is laying down on me and I'm trying to find an engine,to replace the old Tec. it a 2.5 HP H3035426U. Anyone know a replacement/
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Thanks calfal: I have one on my 21' walk behind,and love it.If they have one that will fit,and work that would be great. I'll check.
I just noticed that HF,has a new 3HP 79cc,engine,looks like it might fit,it's an OHV,I'll check it out. On sale $99.99 plus a 20% off, coupon.
I*'m going to bite the bullet,and try one . I bought the#69733,for $86,including TX sales tax (8.5%),and using a "20% off" coupon. now to make it work.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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