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craftsman dyt 4000 bob vila compatability

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i hot my hands on a craftsman dyt 4000 bob vila and my father was wondering if you could by a plow or blower for it so i thought i would ask

i was looking at the new craftsman tractors and it looks like a new plow from sears would work
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It will take a 24441 blower and a 24837 plow blade. The 21 HP twin is a strong engine which should have no problem with either attachment. It also has cast iron front axles so the weight shouldn't be a problem either. I would suggest chains.
A snowblower is easier on the transmission than a plow blade. Look for a Berco snow blower if you can find one. Worlds of difference in quality over the Agrifab model that Sears markets in the US. I got my Berco off of a Husqvarna GT (made in the same factory as the dyt 4000). It bolted up with almost no modification.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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