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Craftsman CTX9500 for me?

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I'm in the market for a new really good quality Garden Tractor and am wondering if the 2012 Sears Craftsman CTX9500 would be a good match for my needs?

So far I've narrowed my search to the Simplicity Legacy XL, Prestige and maybe even a Deere but the CTX9500 caught my attention being as many have mentioned a Simplicity Prestige clone minus the Kohler Command and the full roller deck. It obviously comes down to how big a bullet do I bite? lol

What will I do with this tractor? I'll definately have it set up for blowing snow with a two stage blower, a version of the soft shell Original Tractor Cab with a light set up and maybe even a hardshell cab depending on the model purchased. Last winter here in South Dakota was brutal.

Full range of ground engagement attachments including a tiller for gardening and of course for mowing. I may even do a little work on the side with this tractor to make some extra $$

I'm not as gifted as many here regarding mechanical abilities but I can do basic maintenance, probably remove the deck and clean or whatever since I'm fussy about taking care of my stuff.

I'm wondering if my needs would be better suited with the support of a full service dealership from Simplicity or maybe Deere or take a chance with this new CTX9500 from Sears and find a good small engine repair shop for my service needs?

A couple things come to mind regarding Sears. Will Sears be around much longer given their dire financial issues? If not, what about parts?

Assembly and delivery are really important for a new big ticket expense like this. Should I consider taking the CTX9500 to a hopefully trusted independent small engine repair shop to go over everything before I start using it to make sure everything is ok given what I've read how Sears has changed over the years and can be inconsistant?

Working in the bicycling industry I remember mass market shops would sell high end good quality racing bicycles but the customers would need to take them to a pro-bicycle shop to have those bargain purchased bikes completely re-assembled since their service was terrible.

Thank you :thanku:
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I'm sorry to say, but a lot of folks on the forum don't seem too satisfied with the newer Sears tractors. They (and myself) seem to prefer the Suburbans and older GT's. Of course, Sears does not (and has never) manufactured their own equipment so they are made by someone else (not quire sure but someone else could probably chime in) and there may be a "sister" model you can also read about. For what the CTX9500 costs, you are getting close to what a used sub-compact tractor would cost and you would have a lot more tractor for the money. Just my $.02...
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Yeah I chatted with a salesperson via phone from my local Simplicity dealer and he asked me to consider a compact utility tractor which he said would be cheaper or close to what I was talking about but I'm really concerned about storage space inside a garage.

Like I mentioned above I wish I were mechanically gifted as others I have seen on this forum but I'm just not. For example if I purchased the Craftsman CTX9500 I'd need to pay someone to intalll the Original Tractor Cab and get a really good custom light set up and not get a hack job. I have never had a problem paying more for good work or service.

So I wonder with the savings if you could mount the Simplicity full roller deck under this CTX9500 and get the famous "Simplicity cut"?
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Well the Craftsman CTX9500 are either a Clone Of the Simplicity Conquest or Prestige so Parts are Not going to a be a Problem even if something did happen to Sears Holdings But since Your considering a Legacy XL in the Mix. I really suggest skipping the CTX all together Just what I have Found Over the Years That Dealing with shaft driven attachments are usually a Lot easier to Mount That Belt Driven attachments But I will say this all Simplicity attachments for the Conquest & Prestige will fit any of the CTX 9500 series Clones so Keep that in Mind as well if You want a Tractor Smaller than the Legacy XL But again the attachments are Belt driven Nothing wrong with Belt driven But Most shaft driven Implements are Just easier to connect Up Buying a Legacy XL You can Use Just about any Cat 1 Implement that is Driven By a 540RPM Rear PTO as Long as it doesn't weigh More Than 450Lbs. The Legacy also Open's Up the potential of a Loader Or Even Back Hoe Use Not that It sound Like You Need either One But with the Legacy You Don't Have to Un-mount Your Mowing deck to use the Tiller where You would with the Prestige or It's Clone. I really suggest if Going with the Legacy XL You may want to even consider a single stage Blower What is nice about a shaft driven Single stage Or any single stage when Blowing close to Objects or walls You will Not Leave any snow where to two stage You do usually leave a small Pile In front Of the Blower if close to a Object or wall The Legacy XL Is basically a Farm tractor shrunken down and You also Have a choice of Cabs with the Legacy XL you can Go with the OTC Cab or there Version of the Curtis Hard Cab. Now if Your Not Going to Be tilling a Garden over a ½ acre the Prestige or CTX Clone will Be fine for Tilling Duties and a all around Tractor:thThumbsU
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There are 2 models of the CTX9500, the Conquest and Prestige. The Conquest clone has 26 HP Briggs, 52" stamped deck, manual lift, manual steering, TT K66, and smaller rear tires. The Prestige has a 30 HP, 54" fabricated deck, hydraulic lift, power steering, TT K71, and larger rear tires. Both are very stout tractors, no doubt, but I would go ahead and spend the extra $1K for the 30 HP CTX if your going to use snowblowers, tillers, ect. because that hydraulic lift and power steering will help a lot. Not saying the 26 HP model won't be enough, but the 30 HP will make everything easier. And probably last longer too.
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