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Craftsman 917-27106??

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I have a 90's craftsman lawn tractor with a 15.5 Kohler ohv motor. Has been running fine until a few moments ago. Now it blows the 20amp blade fuse after running for a few minutes. Any thoughts on where i should be looking. If there was some sort of short, wouldn't the fuse blow immediately? Thanks for the help.:
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Fuses don't always go imediately. If you have a 20 amp fuse (as an example) and suddenly put 20.1 amps through it, it most likely wont blow, at least not quickly. It may even continue to hold even at 21 or 22 amps for some time, but the higher the amperage, the faster it will blow. So you may have a short, but not a strong one, so it's only drawing slightly over the amperage of your fuse, allowing you to run for a little while, before the fuse element heats up and melts/burns, thus cutting the connection.
Just noticed that 271061, 271063 and 271065 all use the same CV15.5S-41596
engine. Is there something else that sets them appart?
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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