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could someone explain this to me?

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alright. i have 2 old john deeres. a John Deere B and a John Deere 60. on the front. down by the wheels there are two bolts dwon by the wheels. what are these for? ive heard that they are used to put weights on and ive heard in the old days they had like cultivators that wrapped around the tractor.

can i get the true answer?
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Where,exactly,down by the wheels? I have an A,and may can help.
I have always heard that the bolts you are talking about were for a cultivator. I guess they could have been used for weights but as far as I know their main purpose was for the cultivator attachment. They may have also been there for other attachments that JD made as well I believe they use to have a buzz saw that would attach to the front, correct me if I am wrong guys some of the old timers could tell you more.
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Where,exactly,down by the wheels? I have an A,and may can help.

if you look at the front. start at the bottom of the two front wheels and work your way up. there are two bolts side my side. i believe JD2030 nailed it.
thanks guys.
Team green what model tractor is that? looks like a B.
I don't recall, there where close to fifty old jds there to look at.
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